Pegasor – AQ™ Urban PM2.5 dust

Accurate feedback on outdoor air quality at city level



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A perfect tool to get spatially and temporarily accurate air quality information at city level.

  • Very sensitive to the most harmful, ultrafine particles.
  • ½–1 year service period
  • Self diagnostic procedure guarantees accurate and stable continuous measurements.
  • Suitable for various different environments, including highways, roads, industrial areas, residential areas and parks.
Key features
  • Smallest detectable particle diameter 0.01 μm
  • Tells particle mass concentration, particle number concentration or particle active surface area concentration
  • Easy installation with little installation space
  • Extensive self-diagnosis alarming in case of any suspicion of data quality
  • Enfuser uses various data sources
  • Various methods for data transfer including direct storage in the cloud
  • Stable with no consuming parts
  • Easy maintenance

Dimensions (DxWxH) 320mm x 250mm x 1000mm Weight 20 kg