Pegasor – AQ™ Indoor PM 2.5 ultrafine particles

Accurate feedback on indoor air quality





A perfect tool for all public and private places where real time monitoring of living environment with data storage is needed.
Pegasor data can be used for ventilation system and filtration efficiency monitoring, and indoor air quality classification.

  • Self diagnostic procedure guarantees accurate and stable continuous measurements.
  • Up to 12 month maintenance interval depending on the environment.
  • Li-ion battery operation time up to 100 hours depending of the sampling rate.
Key features PM 2.5 ultrafine particles
  • Measures ultrafine particles
  • Detects temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration
  • Self diagnostic procedure guarantees accurate continuous measurements
  • Fits easily to any indoor environment
  • Measured data can be read from the touch screen in graphical and numerical form
  • Measured data can be stored on hard disk or USB and transferred to data storage, cloud service, or printed out as separate document
  • Reasonable pricing and very low cost of ownership

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