MLU – Recordum -AirQrate Multi-Gas Calibrator

Multi-Gas Calibrator (mobile or rack version)



Multi-Gas Calibrator AirQrate

The airQrate multi-gas calibrator provides accurate concentrations of calibration gases such as ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other gases required.
The airQrate generates gases for zero and span calibration. An automatic multi-point calibration is available as well. Calibrations may be performed in transfer mode or absolute mode.

The modular design enables a user-defined calibrator configuration in relation to the respective application.
Modular components include the dilution module and the permeation module. Up to two permeation ovens may be installed or upgraded.

The airQrate may either be operated in a laboratory using 230V or in the field using 12V (here, power supply may be provided by a vehicle, for example). A large touch screen enables easy operation.
Ethernet connectivity and RS-232 interface provide remote operation.

When calibrating in the field, bulky gas cylinders become redundant due to the internal zero air generator, the permeation ovens, and the optional internal gas cylinders (1l).


Dilution system:
This module generates required calibration gas concentrations by using two powerful high-precision flow controllers.

Gas phase titration (GPT):
Ozone is mixed with excess NO where a defined amount of NO oxidises to form NO2, e.g. NO + O3 → NO2 + O2

The permeation oven is Teflon®-coated. Defined calibration gas concentrations are generated by means of permeation tubes. Up to two permeation ovens may be installed in the airQrate.

Ozone generator:
A defined ozone concentration is generated by an UV lamp. The generator provides temperature and pressure control as well as UV light control (available with optional photometer).

Special Features:

Modular design
Optional box housing
Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access
Enhanced user interface (optional large touch screen)
Automatic multi-point calibration
Internal zero air supply and optional internal gas cylinder
Gas phase titration for generating O3 and NO2
Permeation oven for generating SO2, H2S, NH3, and other gases