MLU – Recordum – Airpointer® compact air quality monitoring system

The airpointer® is the world’s first integrated, certified and type approved according to European Norms and the regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency, compact air quality monitoring system.



airpointer 2D – airpointer 4D – airpointer +PM

A turn-key product that can be quickly and easily installed with 50% lower total cost of ownership than conventional metering stations.
A modular system equipped with gas analysers from Thermo Fisher and/or Teledyne API, also allowing customised add-ons (e.g. vehicle counters, noise sensors, wind sensors).
There are over 500 airpointer® units installed globally.
Due to its small size and weight, the airpointer® can be installed in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including among others public places, industrial sites, traffic sites, and meteorology, as well as in diverse environmental conditions.

Many years of security, reliability and continuity
The airpointer has been developed by experts with field experience with special emphasis placed on data quality assurance. recordum quality management is certified for research, development and production in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Only a minimum amount of maintenance is necessary to continuously guarantee the quality of the measurement data. The filter, absorbent and zero air cartridge should be checked regularly while the device is operating. The modules and electronics must be checked once a year. The airpointer is equipped with a large number of functions for controlling and maintaining operation, which are easy to use, clearly displayed, and quickly implemented.


A span gas port in the maintenance door is provided for calibrating the airpointer with external span gas. The user does not have to open the front door thus leaving the temperature inside unaltered. The airpointer is calibrated using a graphic interface in the user menu, which displays the parameters to be calibrated in a concentration-time-diagram. Thus the user may evaluate stability of both measurement signal and span gas concentration. After calibration, the airpointer displays a message indicating whether or not the calibration was successful. The calibration data are saved and can be retrieved at any time.


A user network connection (RJ45) located behind the maintenance door is provided for local operation and monitoring of all device functions. Extensive diagnostic functions included in the software are used to continuously monitor all key operating parameters and save them once a minute in the system data base for preventive fault detection and tracking the effect of faults on measurement data.
A separate program (watchdog) additionally controls correct operation and automatically repairs any faults that may occur. Changes of site, calibrations, faults and their remedies etc. can be entered in an electronic station logbook. You may further increase data security by using an automatic backup with the recordum portal independent of the airpointer.

Operational test

Each airpointer features internal zero air generation for automatic or manual zero point check of each module. You may individually select a zero point check or an automatic adjustment.

You may optionally check all gas ambient air analyzer modules individually using internal span gas generation and the following methods.

  • Ozone: An ozone generator generates a constant sample flow of ozone using a UV lamp.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Span is generated using a refillable calibration gas cylinder and an internal dilution system.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide/Hydrogen Sulfide: A permeation tube contains the condensed airborne pollutant in liquid form and releases it at a constant high temperature (ensured by a controlled oven) via a membrane.
  • The user may track at all times the results of the internal operational test that are saved in the airpointer database.

Filter changing

The filter holder is also located in the vicinity of the maintenance door. The filter holder features a glass plate to check the cleanliness of the filter and if it is properly seated. An optional extended lifetime filter with a greater volume extends the intervals between filter changes.