Congrego® Data Logger for ambient air monitors

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Created by the Monitoring Industry, For the Monitoring Industry

Congrego® is a next generation total data control and logging hardware/software solution for air quality and continuous emission systems, Congrego® is the culmination of ECOTECH’s 40+ years of pioneering research, commercial experience and operational insight.

Not just another data logger

Not all data loggers are created equal, only Congrego® has been engineered from the ground up to achieve accurate, reliable, real-time data logging specifically for ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems.

Full remote access

Congrego® was created with environmental professionals in mind and will transform the way you access real-time and historical data from your environmental monitoring equipment.

Why Congrego®?

• Designed by ECOTECH specifically for air quality & continuous emissions systems
• Simple set-up & easy to install with an intuitive & customisable user interface
• Compatible with a wide range of analogue & digital monitoring instruments from different equipment manufacturers
• Fulfils the “traceability of records” requirement of ISO 17025
• Remote control of monitoring instruments
• Automated alarms & alerts on user interface
• Works with or without a live internet connection
• Used & endorsed by ECOTECH in ECOTECH & non-ECOTECH AQMS stations around the world.

Reporting Simplicity

No matter how many sensors and analysers you are running simultaneously, whether they are ECOTECH instruments or another compatible brand, Congrego® will take the guesswork out of the data capture and reporting process. Full remote access removes the requirement for unnecessary site visits, saving time and reducing costs.

Seamless Integration

download our Congrego-Data-Logger-ets

Congrego® is loaded with enhanced security features. Seamless integration and configuration with ECOTECH Airodis™ data collection, validation and reporting software comes standard.