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The Aurora 2000 PM Correlating Nephelometer is part of the ‘new generation’ nephelometers using a single wavelength and an BETA monitor to measure aerosol light scattering and derive particulate concentrations.

The Aurora 2000 enables the calculation of a correlation factor based on a PM2.5 reference method which is then used to derive every minute a PM2.5 concentrations along with the usual light scattering. The correction factor can be entered manually or automatically derived from hourly averages from a continuous PM2.5 monitor.

The Aurora 2000 can be equipped with any one of the following LED light sources:

• 450nm (blue) for fine and ultra fine particulates (wood fires, automobiles).
• 525nm (green) for visibility.
• 635nm (red) for large particulates (e.g. pollen).

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