Ecotech – Aurora 1000 Single Wavelength Integrating Nephelometer

Aerosol Research

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The Aurora integrating nephelometer measures the light scattering coefficient of ambient aerosol particles with high sensitivity and time resolution, in a wide range of monitoring and research applications, related to air pollution and climate.

Easy to use and maintain, the Aurora 1000 lowers the cost of ownership for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring instrumentation.
The Aurora 1000 uses a single wavelength LED for light scattering coefficient and visibility measurements.
Ecotech, through collaboration with globally renowned atmospheric research institutes, now provide the scientific community with the most advanced commercially available nephelometers.

Using a single wavelength LED light source, the Aurora 1000 can be equipped with any of the following light sources:

  • 450nm (blue) for fine and ultra fine particulates
  • 525nm (green) for visibility
  • 635nm (red) for large particulates


  • Automatic calibration
  • Easy maintenance/cleaning of the measurement cell
  • Long lasting LED light source
  • Intuitive software and maintenance
  • Automatic optical reference calibration
  • Facilitates a wide measuring range (0 to 20 000 Mm-1).
  • Simplified automatic calibration using internal valves, ideal for remote locations.
  • Fully automatic zero and span check or calibration available in intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hrs or weekly.
  • Fully integrated package including; internal sample pump, sample heater, internal calibration valves, zero air pump and data logger.
  • Internal sample heater with temperature or RH control, which can be enabled by the user to eliminate the effects of humidity (RH: <30% to <90%).
  • 12 VDC operation (60 watts max, 13 watts nominal).
  • Holds up to 61 days of 5 minute data averages or 12 days of 1 min data.

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